Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And the "Bad Blogger Award" goes to...


Yes, I had computer problems, but I have a great friend who managed to round up and get rid of the virus that was plaguing my system.

My next excuse was my daughter's 2nd birthday...then I had Christmas...then January brings birthdays galore: Dad's, Mum's and my (now) 7-year old's.

But, I've run out of excuses and as the cards I've made (yes, I *have* been crafting, I've just been lazy about uploading my pics and blogging them...) have been piling up on my desk, the guilt has started setting in.

I finished this one up tonight. I really *should* be thinking about Valentine's cards, but I seem to suffer from this "illness" that prevents me from making the cards I *should* be making and takes me off on some other entirely different tangent.

The image, Young Alexa, from Susana's Custom Art and Card Design reminds me so much of my younger daughter - especially since she always seems to have a book and her ever present "Bunny" in tow.

I've attempted to colour the image (the little pink and purple bear) to meet the challenge over at the Copic Creations Challenge Blog: Feather Blending. I say "attempted", because I'm not sure I quite "have it", LOL! I think I've got the feathering bit, but my blending definitely needs some work!

I had fun making the ribbon flower. I'm so "ribbon challenged" that I've become more of a collector. Tonight, though, I pulled out the sewing tin and ran a line of stitching down one side of a length of ribbon and gathered it up to form the flower. It just so happened that I found that little pink button in the same sewing tin, so it's like it was meant to be.

I'm quite proud of this little card...not sure what I'll use if for 'though!