Sunday, March 7, 2010

Calgary SU! Regionals 2010

What a fun day!

I attended the SU! Regional Seminar in Calgary yesterday. A full day of meeting fun, crafty people who love to stamp. What could be better?

I'm posting pics of the 3 swaps I took to trade. I get bored far too easily to just make a ton of a single design, LOL!

This first one seemed to be the favourite, simply because of my ingenious (hahaha!) use of the ornament punch to make a pagoda border. I must confess that I came about it quite by accident while trying to sharpen the top part of the punch as it was making ragged cuts.

This one was the second favourite. To be truthful, I thought most people would look past it because it was soooooo simple (my favourite type!) I figured that if it wasn't snatched up, I would be that much closer to finishing this year's Christmas cards. Alas, they were all swapped out...but it shouldn't take too long to "whip up another batch".

This was the least favourite. I'm a bit of a lazy swapper and not one to get out there and swap (not that it helped with my back being in such a sorry state and me not wanting to take the painkillers in public - they make me a bit loopy (loopier?) ). Of course, it was also the most labour intense of the bunch - typical! What was I thinking when I decided to make a swap that involved hand colouring a stamp???

You should have seen some of the gorgeous work that was traded out - seriously, some of those cards must have taken forever. But everyone seemed to accept my trades with a smile and I didn't come across any of the dreaded "swap snobs" that I've heard about (and was a little worried about, to be sure).

Fun time, met some great people and got some fab ideas. It's got me all pumped up to start sharing again!

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