Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Long time no blog...I'm starting to detect a theme.

Again, I've been stamping and colouring and making cards...it's just the taking pictures and editing them that kills me.

Here's one I completed just recently.

This adorable little mouse is an image by the very talented Elizabeth Dulemba (who writes AND illustrates children's books - I feel lucky if I have the time to read them by the time the kids are ready for bed, LOL!)

The mouse image itself is not popped up, but the books *are*. I'm not sure that I managed it, but I wanted to give the impression that they were toppling over.

It also happens to fit in with the theme of "READING" over at the Copic Creations blog.

(as an aside, I think I've figured out how to save my "watermark" thingie as a brush in Photoshop Elements. Next step, I'll (hopefully) figure out how to save the whole faded edges thingie (with all the settings specific to me) as a favourite "action" - I think that's what they're called. Perhaps that will make the whole editing process easier.)

Well, back to the job that pays the bills...sigh...


stampqueen said...

Veery cute - love how the pile of books is popped up!!!

HappyCrafter said...

Very sweet card, I like how you used that one pop up to make the books "topple over".
We've missed you! Glad to see you have been creating :-)
You can set blogger so that it gives you a posting email address so you take a pic with your camera and email it directly to your blog as a post, way quicker, if you can live with un-edited photos..

mycardz said...

OMGoodness, what an awesome card! I love it. love the stitching too. Perfect Copic coloring! Sorry my comment is so late, but I just wanted to thank you sooooooooooo much for joining us at Copic Creations!!