Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well, here we go...taking the plunge into papercraft blogdom (which is actually digital and not paper, which is ironic, but a bit more environmentally friendly).

I am, at present, more of a collector than a papercrafter, but I am about to get my own space (and my family is about to reclaim an eating area that doesn't consist of only 3 stools and a desktop sized eating area).

I'm hoping that just the simple fact that my toys are within sight and reach will spur me on to using up some of my amassed goodies.

Tomorrow, the inspectors come to see the basement and the drywall gets delivered. This weekend, hubby and friends plan on installing the insulation and soon after the drywaller makes my dream a more concrete reality.

Well, I guess I have to share the space, since it will also be a family room and toy room, but at least I should have my own part of it. And the main floor can stay in a state that will not mortify me when people come by...at least in theory.

I'll keep you posted...

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