Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Handy men...

Well, the structural inspection passed, and the electrical guy is here right now...Just waiting for the delivery of the drywall now.

I'm surrounded by handy men.

Speaking of which, my BIL, who is a cabinetmaker (and the person responsible for the framing downstairs) had made my list of favourite people. I'd asked him to keep me some of the wood scraps so that I could mount some of my bulk buy stamps from Steve at Hampton Arts stamps.

He told me that he could do better than rough wood scraps and brought me over an assortment of different sized blocks that I could simply sand the corners of.

Here are some of my newly mounted stamps (yes, while half the world seems to be going unmounted, I'm mounting my stamps...only because these ones were already mounted on sticky-backed foam 'though)

PS. The drywall is being brought in right now...

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