Saturday, November 28, 2009

Schooled by a 6-year old

So, I was totally proud of this gorgeous Copic'd gingham dress (I'm so modest) on Alice (from The Greeting Farm's Wonderland) and showed my biggest cheerleader, my darling daughter Aimee.

Well, I know that kids can be cruel, but my OWN DAUGHTER???

"Ah, Mum. That's Dorothy. She has the checked dress. I know because I got the doll in my Happy Meal last year. Alice's dress is "just" blue". So, we are never going to McDonald's again...EVER. That'll teach her :)

So I guess it's pointless mentioning that the White Rabbit inside totally ties into the pale background images of the White Rabbit on the Creamy Caramel mat on the front of the card? Because, of course, Dorothy has a Toto and not a White Rabbit...

(BTW, the large sentiment on the front is to cover a big inky accident...I can admit this, because, as always, I'm "Stamping ReckLesley")

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Crystal said...

Love your colouring Lesley, especially the shading in her hair, looks awesome!