Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

So, it was my birthday last Thursday and my best friend who just immigrated from England gave me a gorgeous Tiffany's necklace - she had to ask the sales clerk in T's if she could suggest anything for a friend who "doesn't really wear jewelery" (apparently the poor girl nearly passed out, LOL!). It's a gorgeous, but plain (just like me - hahahaha!) silver disc with a scrolly-L engraved on it.

Anyhow, said *friend* also gave me a rather sarcastic birthday card - some old biddies under the hairdriers at their local salon with an associated "old" sentiment...but that's alright, I had this set, Old Brawd, from Totally Stampalicious just waiting to be used on her (it's her birthday today - exactly one week after mine)!

I've also used the Stampalicious Sketch Challenge sketch. Who doesn't *love* a sketch to get the creative juices flowing?

The brads along the top and bottom of the vertical strip match each other (ie. the 3 top ones match, as do the 3 bottom ones, but they don't match *each other*). This goes back to when my darling nephew decided to rearrange my brad storage and upended the filled container! My sister was mortified, but I learned a valuable lesson: don't assume that just because your own kids don't mess with your stuff that anyone else's kids will be able to stay away. So now I have this lovely box of "assorted" Bazill brads!

My favourite part of the card is the inside sentiment:

You see, Chris is an IT Project Manager, so the "jab" is double-edged, LOL! The little mouse image is from Hanna Stamps.

The only part I'm regretting are these little Spica glitter dots that I've used to frame the image, but once I'd started, it was too late to stop. The smaller black dots were an attempt to save it, but although I like it a bit better, I'm still sorry I used the gold glitter pen to begin with.

Oh, well...

And Chris, "you'll always be older than me..." :)


Joycelyn Turner said...

Oh you clever, clever girl...the Cyber Hanna Mouse is GENIUS!!!! Love this whole card...the flipped sketch ROCKS!!! Thanks so much for playing make our Old Brawd look HAWT!!!

Danderella said...

What a great card....I love the sentiment. I'm sure you'll friend will love it!

Lynnor Goodwin said...

I love how you turned the sketch...perfect for this chickie-dee! Great job on the paper piecing!! Wonderful card!!